By 2020, there are 20.8 billion objects that should be connected in the world. In 2015, France already had 72.1 million telephone subscriptions in France (2) - 7 billion worldwide and almost as many phones in use. There are countless tablets and the emergence of smart cars. These numbers are enough to make you dizzy. These objects, which have the vocation to transform - or at least improve - our daily life, have they taken the ascendancy on our social life? What about the human relationship in all this?


In France, as elsewhere, in a particularly tense social climate, do these technologies that accompany our daily lives promote the link between people?The arrival of ICTs in the world of education has led to the introduction of new tools that provide the opportunity to improve current practices and develop new solutions to face the challenges of today. NICT is the Internet, multimedia and CD-ROMs. NICTs are today a major tool for building competitiveness.

Technology is primarily intended to simplify the life of man. A priori, she is at his service. However, since the dawn of time, man has an ambiguous relationship with her. Fascinated by the progress and the modernity that she symbolizes, frightened by her possible excesses. "Technology has a magical character. It's beautiful, people say, but at the same time, they are afraid of it. As long as there is no experience, they project on it scenarios of the future, sci-fi scenarios, "says Christophe Rebours, founder of the design agency In Process. And if no one wants to return to the stone age, a time of mutual adaptation is necessary for the man to regain the feeling of dominating technology.

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