NICTs are the tools resulting from new information and communication technologies such as computers, software packages, software, modem access to a fax machine, the company's computer, access to the Internet and mobile phones.

New information and communication technologies (NICT) are all the technical means used in the processing, exploitation and transmission of information, mainly in the field of information technology, the Internet, telecommunications and telecommunications. digitized data.

This definition of ICT positions this innovative industry as a support for the digital content industry. The appearance of NICTs is due in particular to the dependence of the following elements on each other: - computer science; - telecommunications; and - audiovisual. As the railways have brought cities closer together, and as a result, the population, NICTs are reducing all kinds of distances and destroying new frontiers in their turn.

new frontiers

The arrival of ICTs in the world of education has led to the introduction of new tools that provide the opportunity to improve current practices and develop new solutions to face the challenges of today. NICT is the Internet, multimedia and CD-ROMs. NICTs are today a major tool for building competitiveness.

Winning companies are those that know how to establish cooperations, network, collectively produce and use the constantly renewed knowledge they need to generate value.

Knowledge management has become an essential factor in performance. NICTs are therefore an irreplaceable asset in the rapid flow of information, the collective elaboration of action plans and new ways of doing things, the coordination of action, the memorization and capitalization of experiences, the access to fast to very diverse knowledge, opening up new customer services.

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